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Dedicated app for Audiobooks from different sources

This app allows You to add many libraries. You can add folders containing audiobooks right from Your device, Your iCloud storage or folders shared by Your friends and family.

Best experience

Best way is to use our LiteraVOX for Mac and managing your library in iCloud files

You can use Files app or Finder app to manage audiobooks. You only have to place inside library folder a folder containing mp3s with your audiobooks. Our app will automatically extract Exif data and automatically will download a cover. This will be saved inside the audiobook folder.


You can see overal progress, informations about each track (including if it is already present on your device in case of using iCloud storage. All progress will be saved in Your device, so using the same library by few users is completely safe.


Our pricing is based on single payment.

Pay once, use forever
9.99$ / forever

Privacy Policy

We do not collect any data. Your copletely safe! The app uses locally only data available in the selected iCloud folder. It uses EXIF data to find covers in the web. No data is stored and used by Asuri Solutions.